CASE STUDY: Hillier, Bradford Residence
This was a large project that contained a 20'x20' steel canopy roof that only had one support leg, and this support was offset and not in the center. We poured a large concrete storage shed wall underneath the deck surface and used the back corner to contain the concrete caisson for the canopy. This shed wall and caisson was one pour and the shed acts as the foot for the overhanging canopy.

CASE STUDY: Participation House, Scarborough
This home was renovated to support severely handicapped individuals and the task we were responsible for was constructing a large handicapped ramp. This ramp included a full concrete foundation and footing wall for the back section and a pressure treated timber wall for the front. the ramp itself was constructed from a combination of Concrete and wood. The sole purpose of the ramp was to allow safe exit for the residents incase of a flood emergency.

CASE STUDY: Fort Hills Project, Fort McMurray AB
Partners: Petro Canada, Teck Cominco, Scott Capital
Scope of Work: This project involved creating an inviting space for Oil and Gas workers to spend their leisure hours when not working on the Fort Hill Project. It involved 14 Atrium gardens, one per residence building and carries a nautical theme that would be familiar to the predominately East Cost workforce. The design of 2 mini-golf holes per residence would allow the residents to travel the other buildings to complete the mini-golf circuit. This project was unique because we were responsible for the total turnkey project right down to designing ceiling banners and constructing the site furnishings.

Our Consultant on the project were Ryan James - Groundworks Design

Blackline layout

Colour Rendered Layout

Plan View Layout