Design Process:

We have refined our design process to encourage the free-flow of information from homeowner to designer and visa-versa. This method requires you login to your Client Control Panel, from here you can access the following:
-view your landscape plan and illustrations
-see designer comments
-comment on the design as presented
-view budget pricing

This process can be completed in an online process, Landscaping is a touchy-feely business in that it is nice to stomp your feet on the ground and make sound decisions based on what you see. Provided that there are pictures of the property at different angles and some exacting site measurements taken we have had great success at designing landscapes that are not at arms length.

You are required to electronically submit the following:
     a) take pictures at different angles of your property
     b) take exacting measurements of fixed items (existing trees. lamp posts, etc)
     c) provide a lot survey (provided when property purchased)
     d) provide a short paragraph of what you would like to achieve with the landscape
     e) any likes and dislikes in the form of Plant Material, colours. etc
Deliverables by Landscapeople:
    - multiple concepts
    -electronic communication and presentation of digital image files
Fee Range: between $200 and $400

By far the optimum process and will involve a site visit to deduce and brainstorm ideas and concepts. We will take site measurements, listen intently to your landscape desires and offer up ideas as we walk the property. Follow up consists of the electronic distribution of concepts and pricing information.

Landscapeople Process:
     a) site visit to access the property
     b) early concept delivered electronically
     c) feedback and discussion on design
     d) construction costing and budgeting
     e) final InHouse design presentation
Fee Range: between $500 and $1500